Date changing time

Date change process in DARTSLIVE service is based on Japan standard time for all countries and regions. Please see below for the timing of date change in your country.

Country/Region Time
New Zealand 10:30 AM  NZDT
Australia 7:30 AM  EST
Korea 6:30 AM  KST
Japan 6:30 AM  JST
Philippines 5:30 AM  PHT
Brunei 5:30 AM  MYT
Hong Kong/Macau 5:30 AM  HKT
Malaysia 5:30 AM  MYT
Taiwan 5:30 AM  CST
Singapore 5:30 AM  SGT
China 5:30 AM  CST
Thailand 4:30 AM  ICT
Indonesia 4:30 AM  WIT
Myanmar 4:00 AM  MMT
Qatar 0:30 AM  AST
France 11:30 PM  CEST
Belgium 11:30 PM  CEST
Spain 11:30 PM  CEST
UK 10:30 PM  BST
Portugal 10:30 PM  WEST
USA 2:30 PM  PDT
Mexico 2:30 PM  PDT
Canada 2:30 PM  PDT


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